Mysteries of Dr. John Thorndyke
Early 20th century forensic detective by R. Austin Freeman

S3E6 - The Fisher of Men

The Fisher of Men

Thorndyke is the original fictional forensic detective from the early 1900s. Using science to aid the art of detection; to bring criminals to justice. This time presenting The Fisher of Men. Written by R. Austin Freeman; adapted for radio by Heather Elliot.

S3E5 - The Stolen Ingots

S3E4 - The Funereal Pyre

S3E3 - The New Jersey Sphinx

S3E2 - The Touchstone

S3E1 - The Blue Scarab

S2E6 - Spinster's Guest

S2E5 - The Five Pipe Problem

Adapted from the Singing Bone

S2E4 - Elimination of Mr. Pratt